The new year has begun, and with it our hopes and dreams for better times, and better science, and most of all plenty of vaccines to help tip us into the herd immunity which will allow us to see some semblance of normalcy here in 2021.

I have itchy feet to go visit all my out-of-state family we have foregone seeing for months. I look forward to knitting and spinning wool with fiber friends in person, shopping inside stores at leisure, visiting friends, giving them hugs and seeing their faces. Such simple pleasures we all took for granted.

As I write this we are waiting to watch the ball drop in an empty Times Square. I was there once, New Year’s of 1986, an amazing crush of people, lights, noise, and jubilation. It’s odd to reach an age where you can feel history unfurl behind you.

Town Office

It’s been very quiet on the town news front. Brenda, our tireless town clerk, has taken some well-earned days off. Our next selectmen’s meeting is Tuesday, Jan. 12, at 6:30 p.m. And the next Planning Board meeting is Tuesday, Jan. 19, 6:30 p.m. Don’t forget your dog licenses.

History nugget

Right around the time the farmhouse I now live in was built, 1850 give or take, there was an alarming and widespread outbreak of cholera across the United States. And, much like today, the news media gave ample coverage to the cases and deaths associated with that disease in their pages. On Aug. 10, 1849, 172 years past, there was paragraph after paragraph referencing cases and deaths in New York, Philadelphia and Boston; even Quebec and Montreal’s numbers were included.

The situation was serious enough to call into question travel plans by then President Taylor. One journalist ended their bit by saying, “…we should be quite content to part with it at once and forever.” Truer words were never said!

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