Hello Monroe!

How kind of 2021 to come in with bright sunshine and blue skies. I really do try and enjoy each month and season as we’re in them, but I often can’t help but think ahead and calculate what I could or should be doing now to prepare for a few months down the road.

The sunshine and blue skies of Jan. 1 have me making a strong mental note to get on placing my seed order! Our 2020 garden square footage was smaller than our 2019 footprint, and I plan to scale 2021 back even more. This year I’m aiming for quality of space over quantity of space…ask me how that’s working for me come August!

Town news

Every postal customer in the great town of Monroe should have received a green shade of paper in their mailbox or postal box recently. The flier boasts news for the fall and winter, with snippets of information pertaining to a number of town items.

The current COVID-19 protocol at the Town Hall and Transfer Station, in compliance with the governor’s mandate of Oct. 6, 2020, is that masks and social distancing occur. Town employees thank you for being respectful and courteous of others during this trying time for all.

The town of Monroe has an Intent to Build (or remodel) ordinance in place, requiring you to notify the town of any building or remodel of any structure(s) in excess of $2,500 (materials and labor). There is no cost for this and forms are available at the Town Hall.

The Monroe Library continues to operate under the guidelines and recommendations of the Maine State Library, Maine CDC and Monroe Board of Selectmen. Currently the library offers curbside pickup, and any announcements, as well as more information, can be found on the library and town Facebook pages.

The Monroe Fire Department reminds you to perform monthly tests of your smoke detectors, and replace the batteries annually. Please have an address marker installed at your residence to assist in finding you and your home more quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. Keep ice and snow cleared off your walkways to avoid slips and falls. Keep your heating system inspected and cleaned to operate safely and efficiently.

Snow plowing has started, with more to come, for sure. The town asks that you please remove any obstructions that would affect plowing in and around your property. The town has limited equipment and personnel for snow removal and the most-traveled roads in town will be prioritized first after snowfall.

The deadline to register your dog(s) was Dec. 31, 2020. The grace period to register your dog without having to pay a late fee ends Jan. 31, though the last day the Town Hall will be open for you to register your dog(s) will be Jan. 29 — so plan accordingly and consider not having to pay the $25 per dog late fee for a few more weeks a Happy New Year bonus! After January, your $6-$11 cost turns into $31-$36 per dog…no exceptions.

Worth celebrating

Happy birthday to those celebrating this month: Cassandra Moody (22nd), James Brown (23rd), and (my birthday twin) Connor Aitken (28th)!

Have a great week!