As I write it is New Year's Eve. Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2021! My husband and I have never been ones to go out and celebrate the incoming new year. The Christmas decorations will come down tomorrow; the snowmen and glittery pine cones in the kitchen will be replaced by the normal chicken theme.

I heard from Tom Aversa regarding the annual Christmas bird count held Dec. 19. "A total of 63 participants contributed this year, either by field birding (45) or watching their feeders (18). Feeding stations were fairly busy. This was in marked contrast to last winter when an abundant supply of wild foods generally kept most birds in the woods away from feeders. They didn’t need our sunflower seed. This year wild foods such as small native fruits were nearly absent in the count circle so birds have been swarming feeders."

This was the first year I added red breasted nuthatches to my personal tally, having never seen them before at my feeders.

I am so very thankful that our firefighters, along with their mutual aid partners, were able to save the structure of the Unity United Methodist Church. As I am sure it is to many in this community, it has been a major fixture in our lives. I attended Sunday school, youth group, Girl Scouts, and numerous weddings and funerals there. It brings back happy memories of classmates Donyse (Higgins) Babin, Kerri (Breau) Oliver and Barbara (Lewis) Jewett.

Our animal control officer, Crystal Nichols, was able to collect over $550 from her "Giving garland" to be donated to the Waterville Area Humane Society, along with donations of cat and dog food and bedding.

Marc McCorrison has shut off his property to public ATV, snowmobile, and hiking trails. This is the property behind the brick house on Main Street that runs behind the Pond Cemetery. Reroutes are in the works for the trail systems.

A reminder that the Amish Community Market and Bakery, located on Thorndike Road has updated its winter hours. They will be closing at 4 p.m. daily. Keep in mind they are closed all day on Thursdays and Sundays. Their delectable doughnuts will only be available on Wednesdays until April. They do have other bakery items on Fridays and Saturdays. Their annual break for inventory will be Jan. 1-18. The Amish Charcuterie will be closed from Jan. 1 through the 20th.

In nearby Albion, Swan's Honey is offering help for those wishing to get into beekeeping. Their Nuc list is open and they are currently taking orders. Their Nucs are five frames of bees. Three frames of brood, two frames of honey and an established queen. They are hopeful that they will be able to offer beekeeping classes this spring. They also have a fully stocked beekeeping supply store that carries all you will need to get started. Call their store or message them to get on the list today!

Recently my car wouldn't start, which was odd because it wasn't particularly cold. Then it started for a few days with no issues, until I wanted to go to Waterville. Tony from TA's Garage on Albion Road (and a fellow selectman) to the rescue! A new battery was the answer. He got me right in and right back out!

Condolences to the family and friends of Brent Lee who passed Dec. 26.