Happy New Year everyone! We all have been eagerly awaiting 2021, even us dogs. It’s time to be hopeful and believe that at some point in the new year that we can put this virus behind us. It’s been difficult to see our humans upset about having to stay home and wear white cloth muzzles when they go out. Also, the holidays were kind of sad since we didn’t have the usual merriment with friends and family. Our celebration was basically non-existent with no visitors or house guests.

I want to do my part to make it a good year, and to that end, I have pledged some resolutions. I figured I would tell you in the hopes that you’ll hold me accountable in the weeks and months to come. Here they are!

Wag my tail more. I’ve been a bit of a grump now and again. I haven’t been happy about not seeing my dog friends as much as I like. I’ve also missed my human’s friends coming over and lavishing me with lots of extra attention. I miss doing tricks to charm them and hearing how handsome and what a good boy I am.

Stop snacking from the cat litter. My human absolutely hates this and tells me so every time she catches me with my snout in there. I know it’s bad, and so I’m not sure why I can’t seem to stop. I think some of it has to do with my sister Ilsa, since she’s the one who showed me there are tasty snacks in there. But I admit it’s kind of gross and so I’m going to try my best to give it up!

No more counter surfing. This has to do with the cat food again, so can I blame the cats? It’s up on the counter just sitting there and smells so good!

Perfect my howling. I like to howl, and I think I am darn good at it. I want to extend my range beyond just responding to the fire truck sirens. My goal is to howl whenever the mood strikes me, especially late at night when it’s quiet! That way my human will be able to hear just how talented I am!

Stop worrying so much. I tend to be a worrier. My sister Ilsa is not. She just takes action and deals with the fallout later. I think that I should be a bit more like her.

Don’t let Mrs. Peel push me around. Mrs. Peel is the evil kitty that lives in our home. The other kitties are great, but Mrs. Peel is all-around unpleasant. I always back down when she bullies me but maybe in 2021 I will stand my ground with her. Doubtful; but I will try!

Help my sister Ilsa. My “sister” Ilsa is a true senior at almost 13 years old. I know my human worries, and so do I. But I can be extra nice to her and lick her face more than I already do. I can also let her have all the treats that land between us. I know she won’t be here forever.

Stop licking my paws when I’m bored. Sometimes I create bald spots on my paws and feet from excessive licking. The vet said it’s just a bad habit since nothing is wrong, and I don’t have allergies. He said it was almost like nail-biting in humans. Well, I’m kind of human in some ways . . . . aren’t I?

Be more agreeable about getting baths. The whining and sad face only worked for so long, and my human no longer falls for it.

Wag my tail even more! 2021 is going to be a good year for you and me, I just know it!

With Love,

Benny H.

Benny H. is a 7-year-old mixed-breed dog who enjoys writing, meeting new people, and providing companionship to his loving adopter, Liz Hoffmann. They live in Connecticut. Liz has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and opening her heart to shelter animals.