It is 2021 now and while things are still the same as they were last month, the possibility of change and the bright sun on new white snow is refreshing.

December was dreary with all those gray days; if felt more like late March when winter has grown heavy and long. Last week we finally got good fresh snow though and I have been able to get out and ski two days in a row. We explored a new trail someone recently gave us permission to ski and run on. We skied back on the railroad tracks and came across some fresh coyote tracks!

There are so many great places here to ski and explore; I love that I can clip into my skis right outside my door before taking off for miles. One of my favorite cross-country ski routes is to pick up the snowmobile trail (when there’s a little more snow) on Birches Road between the cemetery and the Whitcomb farm and head toward Route 131 and go all the way to Ellis Pond and back.

How lucky we are to have access to these kinds of adventures, and for the property owners who let us all respectfully use and cross their land in this way. Where are your favorite places to snowshoe or ski?

We recently met our new neighbors who bought the old Doak farmhouse. They’re lovely and we are glad that such nice people moved in. Welcome to town and to the neighborhood, Mike and Tish!