You need to license your dogs by the end of January. As of Feb. 1 there will be late fees of $25 per license added on.


Happy birthday to Mary Bishop on Jan. 17.

Happy birthday to Justin Harford on Jan. 19.

Happy birthday to Jeremy Roberts on Jan. 24. You all have a wonderful day and an awesome birthday!


Happy anniversary to Cheryl & Brain Bonfietti on Jan. 23. Wishing you both many more wonderful years together! You are a wonderful couple and wonderful friends.

Volunteer Fire Department notes

Jan. 2, 2021

Happy New Year! May we move forward and away from COVID in 2021. All is well in your fire department at this time.

Response to the postcards received by most of you requesting assistance in any way you could help has been a qualified success. Donations of money have been very good and greatly appreciated. However donations of time, either as a firefighter or to assist with other shorter-term projects, has not been that productive. Give it some thought and contact Chief Scribner or Jethro Pease for more information.

Over this next year we will try to tell you about your firefighters so that you will understand how your friends and neighbors are assisting all of us. We will start with Assistant Chief Dean Rowlands.

Dean started as a junior firefighter over 30 years ago. He started coming to meetings with his father, Roger, a former chief. Dean is married to Mindy, our town clerk, who always welcomes us with a smile. They have two boys, ages 15 and 13, and as a family enjoy snowmobiling, ATVing and skiing. Dean is employed by the Maine Department of Transportation. Even with this busy life, Assistant Chief Rowlands has achieved firefighter on certifications, and risen through the ranks, contributing immensely to his community, thanks to his availability to respond to emergencies.

Hope you all are enjoying this nice weather but I think we are in for some large amounts of snow. I hope I'm wrong.

Anyone that has birthdays this month and I have missed them, I want to wish you all a very happy birthday.

You all have a wonderful week and weekend and don't forget to love one another so we can get through these hard times. We need to help one another and be kind to all.

Quote of the week

Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day. — Alice Morse Earl