I just have a couple of things this week.

First off, Penobscot Marine Museum is one of the sponsors of the Zoom presentations at the Camden Conference. On Thursday, Jan. 28, at 6 p.m., Charles Lagerbom will be speaking on the topic “Whaling to the Arctic and Beyond.” If you’ve never participated in the Camden Conference, this is a good opportunity to join in. The Camden Conference always spotlights topics that are important to our global community with speakers who are always mentally stimulating. To sign up, email Jeanna Ganskop at

The Searsport Historic Preservation Commission is planning to re-launch the Historic Plaque Program. If you know the history of your home and would like a plaque, get a form at the Town Office and it will be forwarded to the commission. If you don’t know the history of your home, we can give you suggestions of how to get the information you need.

The plaques are white with black lettering, about 20 inches wide and 15 inches high. They should include the original owner or builder of the home, and the “build” date. If that is unknown, we can use a “circa” (about) date. The cost is between $35 and $75 for each sign.

For more information, you can email Karen Kelley at or myself. Winter, a good time to do research!