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Two days in January

What happened in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6 happened to each of us in Searsmont. As we sat glued to the television and watched a mob attack the people’s house, we were shocked, saddened, and some angry to see America look like a third-world country for several hours.

This isn’t a political column, and we don’t care who you voted for. But as Searsmonters, Mainers and Americans, we’re better than this. That’s why we were glued to the set again on Jan. 20 to watch the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, with Mike Pence and three former presidents at their sides.

Town Office

The Board of Appeals met Jan. 19 and elected Mickey Sirota as chair and Heather Kennedy as secretary. The Planning Board holds a public hearing at 6 p.m, Tuesday, Feb. 2, on the proposed Dingley & Lorenz Subdivision at 1327 Moody Mountain Road near Muzzy Ridge Road. Call 342-5411 or email to attend in person or online.


The Seed Library is now open for business. And Library Director Steven Brown has announced a new Community Quotations project. “With your help,” he writes, “we can share the words that have reached us, changed us, moved us, grounded or guided us.” Tell us who said those words and where they said or wrote them. Send them to the library on paper or email as many submissions as you’d like to and they’ll be compiled and displayed anonymously.


Searsmont bade farewell to Frances Bortz and Joanne Severance. Frances lived in town for the last seven years with her daughter Sarah and son-in-law George. She spent many summers on North Haven and loved gardening, tennis, and animals, especially Jack Russell terriers. Our condolences to her daughter Sarah, son Richard, and the entire family.

Joanne, sister of Searsmont’s David Jones, passed away in Farmington. A lifelong Mainer, Joanne was a wonderful, affectionate aunt and great-aunt, a deeply religious woman who loved to travel and garden. Our condolences go to David, his wife Yolanda and their large family.

Bits and pieces

Seven people and three dogs enjoyed the Jan. 15 library-sponsored “Exploring the Wilds of Searsmont” hike on Moody Mountain, led by Bill Evans and Sarah Crosby along woods roads and snowmobile trails. Makes you realize how beautiful Searsmont is in January or any month.

Interested in helping local people? The Red Cross is looking for Waldo County Disaster Action Team volunteers to respond when fires, floods, storms and other disasters strike. You’ll be trained to contact clients and offer comfort, compassionate support and assistance, with four two-hour online evening sessions between Feb. 8 and Feb. 17 and 12 more hours of at-your-own-pace internet training. For more information, call Celeste Stimpson at 330-0658 or email

Another Searsmont litter alert. We’re told that the trash left by ice fisherfolk at Levenseller Pond’s access paths is getting more than a little disgusting. Did you know the shore is private property, and the owners are good enough to let us all get to the shore to fish or swim? ’Nuf said. Pick up your garbage and take it home with you.

And another wind, rain, snow and sleet storm with stream flooding but no power outage because we finally got a generator. You’re welcome, Searsmont.