Hello Monroe!

As the month of January 2021 winds down, I hope you’re finding time to enjoy the light lasting later into the evenings, and the relatively mild winter weather we’ve been having. I hope the ice conditions firm up to permit safe and productive ice fishing in the area, as there is still a lot of winter still likely to come.

We took Oliver ice fishing on Thistle Pond here in Monroe a few weeks ago. Ethan lasted a few hours on the ice; Oliver wanted to go back on the snowmobile and home for a nap after about 20 minutes. Good thing it isn’t a far trek through the woods for us!

Oliver was quite interested in the couple of pickerel Ethan caught right off the bat, going as far as to try and hold them in his mittened hands. Between the slippery fish and his slippery snowsuit, he wasn’t overly successful, but had fun trying and got freshly washed snow gear in the end by mom.

Worth celebrating

Happy birthday this month to a now 4 years old Dillon Norgang! Dillon celebrated this momentous occasion at home with mom and dad, and would like to thank Kristin at the Monroe Country Store for making him a perfectly scrumptious birthday cupcake for the special occasion. Mom reported that Dillon thoroughly enjoyed it. Happy birthday, Dillon!

Special thoughts

Thinking of the Smith family of Monroe as Dick Smith is home now and receiving hospice care. His wife Sharon, daughter Melissa and son Rich are doing all they can to keep Dick comfortable and enjoy each other's presence. Prayers for strength and comfort to you all.

Thinking also of Monroe community member Steve Moody as he prepares to undergo a heart procedure. Wife Barbara, a fixture at our Monroe Town Hall, and their daughters, grandchildren and family would appreciate positive thoughts and prayers.

Waldo reads together

What if everyone in Waldo County read the same book and then joined together to talk about it? That’s the idea behind "Waldo Reads Together." Join in reading Colson Whitehead’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, "The Nickel Boys."

The goal is to help alleviate some social isolation while contributing to ongoing conversations about social justice, racial justice, equity and diversity.

Waldo Reads Together is a collaboration among Aging Well in Waldo County, Belfast Senior College, Waterfall Arts, Waldo County General Hospital’s Journey to Health program, local libraries and many more.

January: Obtain a copy of “The Nickel Boys” (available at the Monroe Library).

February: Read the book and join a virtual, multigenerational discussion group.

March: Participate in online events related to the book.

To register, visit

Last chance

The days are ticking down to register your canine family members before you’re not only charged the standard $6 or $11 registration charge, but also an additional $25 late fee per dog. This can be done right at the Monroe Town Hall, open Monday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29, will be the final day to register your dog without paying a late fee.

Have a great week!