Happy birthday to Lee Mitchell. We all hope you have a great day!

Volunteer Fire Department notes

Fire Department emergency activity remains quiet as far as responses. A great thing.

Members continue to meet with Auxiliary.Thanks to those that have responded to the fundraising postcard sent out at the end of December. It was very nice to receive the donation of soda given to the Fire Department. Soda, paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies are always needed.

Bottles and cans are also being donated even though we do not have the storage cage yet. It will be at the corner of the department parking lot soon. Please have the bottles and cans in plastic bags or container that will not fall apart due to the weather. For now there is a pallet to leave bags of cans/bottles on next to the building.

Jethro also asks that if anyone is willing to save can tabs, to put them in a can with cover or a Ziploc bag and leave by the station door. These will be delivered to Anah Shrine in Bangor as they recycle them and use the proceeds for providing adaptive equipment to children.

Remember, if you would like to volunteer or learn more as to how you can assist the Fire Department, contact Jethro at 342-5910 or Chief Scribner at 342-2129.

You all have a wonderful week and keep thinking spring is getting closer every day.

Be kind to one another. We all need to stand by each other in this world

Quote of the week

Start everyday with new hope, leave bad memories behind and have faith for a better tomorrow. — wordquote.com