Hello Waldo!

How lovely has the sunshine been lately? It makes all the difference coming down in the morning to a house filled with bright light. I find it is easier to get outside even in the cold if it’s sunny.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? Have you had any fun winter outdoor adventures? Seen any interesting wildlife? I’m still seeing lots of owls here on East Waldo Road. I went out for my first run in two weeks and it felt good to run on dirt, not snow, on the side of the road! I’m still hopeful for more snow for some good skiing this year, though.

The daylight is slowly growing longer and I’m starting to think about getting my seeds organized. There are things I need to start early for my herbal business (chamomile, eucalyptus, lemon balm, etc.) and things I’m growing just for fun this year that also need to be started indoors, like many flowers. I ordered my seeds in November this year, months earlier than usual, because there have been seed shortages with the huge uptick in home gardening and renewed interest in buying local. Some things have already sold out, so I’m glad I did!

I am thinking about having a farm stand next year so I’ve also collected some unique seeds for things I have never grown before, like a red kerneled corn and a blue kerneled corn that can both be eaten during the milk stage (the stage of corn for eating it fresh on the cob) or dried and ground into cornmeal (fresh cornmeal is a personal favorite of mine). Is there anything in particular you’d like to see in a farm stand here?

What are you planning for your garden this spring and summer? Anything new? It’s funny how in the summer I look forward to late fall when all the gardens are put to bed and I can rest, and in the winter I look forward to high summer when the gardens and the farm plot are green and thick with life. I suppose that’s part of the joy of living here.

Historically, the Waldo town news column has had very little true town news and I’m hoping that will change! Email me with Waldo happenings and news near you.