Last week’s light snow had little effect on motorists. The town crew was busy as soon as flakes began falling and kept roads clear while the snow fell.

Lights briefly flickered one day last week, but never went out. Soon after, several emergency vehicles went down Loggin Road, with lights rotating and sirens screaming. I never found out the cause of the emergency, but suspect that someone hit a utility pole somewhere.

History note

This, from the Bangor Daily Commercial, July 23, 1915: “$25 reward for the recovery of the body of Clarence E. Wiley, supposed to be drowned somewhere near Marsh Bay, Frankfort, Me.”

Just imagine this happening today. Warden dive teams would be out in force and the Coast Guard would probably have a hand in the recovery operation. But in 1915, the best anyone could do in a situation such as this was to offer a reward.

As a matter of interest, I recently was among friends (masks and social-distancing of course) and they were talking about the many old houses and businesses that were once in town. They discussed where some-place-or-other “used to be,” which left me completely in the dark. However, it was nice to hear firsthand accounts of what Frankfort once was.

Perchin’ prediction

My Perchin’ Prediction has been conspicuously absent because ice conditions were unsafe. I still haven’t ventured out, but some others have. Another good stretch of freezing or sub-freezing weather should lock in area lakes and ponds so that we can travel safely on the ice.

Weekly quote

A poem by Bryan Waller Proctor, from the front page of the 1912 Old Farmer’s Almanack: “The Old year is gone! And the young New Year is coming! Through minutes and days, and unknown skies, my soul on her forward journey flies.”