I am wishing Rita Doughty a speedy recovery. It is no fun to be in the hospital these days.

One day last week Dustin and I went to the gazebo for an afternoon break with music and sunshine included. It reached 62 degrees in there. It was great. Today it is 18 degrees in there. We chose to stay inside with the wood fire.

It keeps getting closer to town meeting time and we need some interested residents to step forward and run for some of the offices that are elected from the floor. All the selectmen and a few others.

Good luck to Donnie and Bertha Maxim as they have moved from the farmhouse and gone nearer to Bangor and their daughter, Paula. I will miss seeing them around the local area.

The birds have been busy at my feeders lately. I need to go out there today and refill. It is a cold, windy and snowy morning, brrrr.

I hope everyone got their dog licenses renewed by now. It gets very expensive if it is not paid on time.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it seems like Christmas was yesterday.

Papa Dixon is in quarantine because of possible exposure to COVID-19. Dustin was so looking forward to seeing him this week, but that visit has been put on hold for a while. He tested negative, so hopefully he and Beth will escape it this time.

I had a call from Carolyn Elliott Harris and also a call from Donnie Bagley. Carolyn is doing well. Anyone remember her?

I would love to hear from some readers about what is going on in their world. My world is quite boring, except that Dustin keeps me laughing most days.

Hannah Arendt, philosopher, is quoted as saying, "Freedom of opinion is a farce unless factual information is guaranteed and the facts themselves are not in dispute."

Have a great week, stay warm and keep safe.