A new fire truck rolled into the driveway of the Lincolnville Fire Department the afternoon of Jan. 28, about an hour earlier than expected.

This truck will be the first out of the station for structure fires and vehicle accidents, Fire Chief Don Fullington III said. It is a Class A pumper for structure fires and will carry all of the rescue tools for accidents.

Fullington said the department put about two years of effort into planning for the new truck, with input into build and design. It took 16 months to get the truck, a long time coming, he said, and the pandemic did not help.

It is nice to finally see it here, especially with one of the department's fire trucks recently having been taken out of service, he said.

Getting the truck ready to be put into service will be a big group effort, Fullington said.

This involves getting all the equipment organized, so everything has a place, he said. That way if something is missing, it is easy to figure out, so you don't find out something is missing when you need it. At this point, they still don't know everything that has to be ordered, he said. He expects it will take until the end of February to get the truck ready, though he would like it to be sooner.

The new truck is a rescue pumper on a 2020 International chassis manufactured by E-One. The pumper is equipped with a 1,280-gallon water tank and is also equipped with foam firefighting capabilities.

It was purchased for $435,449 from Greenwood Emergency Vehicles of North Attleboro, Mass., which has a Maine office in Brunswick.

The last truck purchased for the fire department was a Pierce International Pumper Tanker in 2012.

The new truck will replace Engine 5, which has been taken out of service and is being sold to the Matinicus Fire Department.

The Lincolnville Fire Department is made up of 28 dedicated call firefighters under the leadership of Fullington, Town Administrator David Kinney said. The department has two stations, one at Lincolnville Center and the other at Lincolnville Beach, and has four primary firefighting vehicles.

A new fire truck is a major expense for any small town. Lincolnville is in a better position than most, with a private group, the Lincolnville Community Foundation, which provides significant financial support to the fire department.

"The town of Lincolnville would like to thank the Lincolnville Community Foundation for its generous financial support," Kinney said Jan. 27. "Without the support of the Foundation the purchase would not have been possible."

From 2013 to 2018 the foundation donated a total of $275,000 to the town government's fire truck reserve fund, according to Kinney. The full amount was used in the purchase of the new truck, he said.

Town government also has a savings account for future fire truck purchases, which taxpayers vote on funding each year.

For a good number of years — at least 10 and likely longer — the amount approved by taxpayers has been $20,000 per year, Kinney said.

The foundation's donations and town reserve money, plus interest, gave the town ample funds to purchase the truck, according to Kinney.

Since 2018, the foundation has also donated an additional $50,000 to the town to help equip the truck and start saving for the next one, and the town has continued its annual appropriation from taxpayers for the reserve fund.