Living next to a paved road here in Frankfort has its benefits. The town of Frankfort goes all-out to maintain their roads, and that goes double for wintertime maintenance. The snow plow and sander keeps a steady vigil throughout each storm and the end result is safe, well-kept road.

Under the feeder

More and more birds continue to discover my feeding station and much to my delight, a pair of cardinals have become regular visitors.

I’ve noticed that different songbirds come from different directions. Most of the smaller birds fly to my feeder from the east, where a copse of trees provides shelter. This is at a distance of about 75 feet. On the other hand, the cardinals arrive from the north, where they find shelter in a clump of wild apple trees. This is probably 80 yards away. The amazing thing is, it takes only a few seconds and not many wingbeats for the cardinals to cover this distance.

Finally, I had reports from two different sources, Andy Collar in Waterville and Tony Clark in Liberty, of flocks of bluebirds. This seems rather out-of-place, but this winter was and is a strange one. The end result is that it sounds like bluebirds are flourishing and what could be nicer than that?

History note

This, as written, from the Bangor Daily News, Jan. 12, 1911:

“A near tragedy occurred at Pine Grove Farm at twilight on Friday evening when little Daniel and Donald Dyer, age 7 and 9, while on an imaginary deer hunt, ventured near to the embankment of a pond in the brook and master Donald stepped over and fell through the ice, the water being several times over his head. With great presence of mind Master Daniel seated himself on the slippery brink and as his brother rose to the surface pulled him out. Fortunately the little fellow rose in the same spot he entered, there being no current at this point, for the brook was entirely frozen over. The little rescuer was very calm over the affair and much abashed when praised for his presence of mind, for most nine-year-olds would have run screaming for help while his brother drowned. Master Donald, besides a bad fright and a slight cold, is none the worst for his accident.”

Weekly quote

“Now the north wind ceases,

The warm south-west awakes,

The heavens are out in fleeces

And earth’s green banner shakes.” ― Geo. Meridith