Greetings from the edge of Freedom.

My family enjoyed the storm last week. It also marked the first time in five years living here that I have not been able to get up my hill because of weather.

Freedom native, author and new member of law firm Mailloux & Marden in Belfast, Tyler Hadyniak will soon be moving back to Freedom. I have read his biography, but not his book entitled, "There and Back Again: America Through the Eyes of a Traveling Veterans Disability Attorney." Tyler is already involved in town as a member of the Freedom Community Historical Society, and from my interactions with him I can only predict his involvement will increase.

I wonder who would have believed me if I had said a year ago that people who would not or could not wear a mask for any reason would be prohibited from shopping like normal people? I have a conspiratorial view of history, and am a literal flat earther, and I don't think I would have believed myself.

I wonder what is coming next. Maybe this is actually just the "new normal" as our leaders and the press have been saying for over nine months.

2021 Mount View Alumni Recognition

The personal and professional accomplishments of previous Mount View graduates will encourage present-day students to reach for the stars! Nominations for the 2021 Alumni Recognition are due at the Mount View High School office no later than March 5.

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"And I don't care if I lose because my heroes did, too." — Tomas Kalnoky