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Thank you, volunteer firefighters

Searsmont Fire Chief James Ames got in touch, and we’re glad he did. Our thanks and sympathy go out to volunteer firefighter Wayne Woodbury, who needed surgery to repair a broken wrist incurred while responding to a windstorm-downed-tree-branch-meets-auto accident on Route 131 south of the village. We hope the cast comes off soon, and wish Wayne a speedy recovery.

While we’re at it, we thank James, Joel Cox, Marc Coffee, Jacob Harford, Hubert McCabe, Basil Pearse Jr., Paul Sweetland Jr. and Thomas Wolf for all they do for the town.

Chief Ames also told us that the local firefighter “labor shortage” is not improving. “We can really use six or eight more people,” he said. “We had a call-out the other night and only three people could respond.”

The Fire Department will train you and pay for the training. So we pass along the appeal for folks to step up and call James at 314-2927 or the Town Office and someone will get back to you. Or just show up at a fire meeting, any first or third Wednesday, 7 p.m., at the Fire Station.

Town Office

Snow postponed the Planning Board’s Feb. 2 meeting and public hearing to consider The Dingley & Lorenz subdivision on Moody Mountain Road, now rescheduled for March 2. Selectmen will meet Feb. 9, and we’ll report on that one next week.

Town Library

Did you know Searsmont is in vegetable growing zones 5a and 5b? That means you can grow a lot of edibles in your garden. This year’s Seed Library is open by appointment, so you can bring in extra seeds and take some home for free. Email or call 342-5549 or to find out more.

In memory

Condolences to the family of Crosby High School graduate and Searsmont resident Agnes Dudley, including son Scott, daughters Tina of Bucksport and Nina of Jefferson, and stepdaughter Dixie of Belfast. Agnes, a skilled seamstress and baker who also raised chickens hereabouts, passed away at age 83 at the end of January.

Bits and pieces

Congratulations to Catherine Robbins-Halsted, who has been nominated by Gov. Mills to be one of only six citizen members serving a four-year term on the Land for Maine’s Future board. A public hearing on the nomination will be heard by the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry on Feb. 9.

We are glad last week’s “massive storm” only dropped half a foot or so of the white stuff on Searsmont. Even after more than 30 years here, we are astounded at how quickly the roads and driveways are cleared.

Does anyone have an extra firebox threaded door knob for an 80-year-old wood stove? Today’s knobs for sale use a different sized bolt.