Hello All,

I felt like typing a little today, so here I am. I am still operating in low gear, make that dual low.

I will be seeing my surgeon on the 10th and then have stomach surgery soon. I have a benign tumor in my stomach. Had a bleeding ulcer on top of it. So needs to be gone. In time I will be fine.

Belated birthdays

Happy birthday to grandson Gabe Doughty on Jan. 20. I love you and all of us do, too. Happy birthday to AJ as well, the 27th. I didn't forget you. Love you!


Happy Birthday to the following: Karen Doughty on the 16th! Lin Jr. on the 19th! Sara Doughty on the 20th! You grew up too fast. Ashley Bingham on the 23rd! Prayers for her little girl Reagan as she had her MRI; no new tumor growth. She is only 4 months old, been battling cancer. Having chemo. Which was great news. She needs many prayers going forward.

Sad news

I had a phone message that my good friend Ruby Bryant Harris had passed on Jan. 21. She lived to be a remarkable 102 years old. She had been living alone, but she got COVID. I shall miss my phone calls with her. She was Robert Couturier's aunt. May she rest in peace. She will be buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in June.

Ice races

Today was the Unity Ice Oval Races on Unity Pond. Heard grandson David got a 2nd place. Nice!! No one is home yet to tell me the news.

Thanks from me

Thank you to all for the cards, get well wishes and prayers. Also messages on Facebook messenger. I am doing OK in Winslow with family. They take good care of this independent lady.

Until next time,

Stay warm, be well. Need prayers. Love ya!!