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Midwinter comings and goings

It finally feels like solid winter in Searsmont. This week, we’ve had a couple of inches of snow nearly every other day, and it’s challenging to walk the road in sneakers.

Last spring, we saw new flowers every day and wondered what we’d write about come winter. Now we know. Deer tracks in the white fields, roof snow curling off the eaves as it slides down, and a crop of potholes.

The part of Back Belmont Road paved last summer is still fine, but the Searsmont end feels like an arcade game. We’re weaving slowly along, and it’s a good thing the scenery’s pretty along that stretch.

Town office and town library

Lots of work in 25 minutes at the Feb. 9 Selectmen’s meeting. The 2021 budget is “coming along.”

Town Clerk Kathy Hoey is the Registrar of Voters for another year. The Maine Forest Service is already warning of browntail moth infestations in the spring and summer, and a town broadband exploration committee is coming “soon.”

Searsmont may move from transfer station bags to “stickers on your own bags,” and the town could save $1,000 a year by “getting in line” to change its 18 yellow sodium streetlights to white LED bulbs at CMP expense. We assume CMP saves money on changing bulbs.

There’s no word yet on the Town Meeting, though committees are getting town report news to the office in preparation for it. Any bets it won’t be the day of April 3? Winners get an all-expenses paid trip to beautiful downtown Searsmont. Second prize is a trip to Belmont.

The library is busier with cold weather getting people into books, DVDs and music. But there’s still room for Tuesday walk-ins and appointments Thursday, Friday and Saturday by phone or text to 342-5549.

If you haven’t signed up for the library’s Saturday, Feb. 20, morning “Exploring the Wilds of Searsmont” hike with Sarah Crosby and Bill Evans, it may not be too late. These walks are getting awfully popular. Last we heard, there were enough folks signed up for this one that the group may divide into two.

Making a difference

Searsmont’s Gayleen Gogan, a family advocate with Waldo Community Action Partners, tells us that if your child is 3 to 5 years old, this is a good time to apply to WCAP’s Early Childhood Program starting in the fall.

Go online to, or call 338-3827 to get in touch, and they will walk you through the application process. It’s a good program that leads to Head Start.

Keep up the good work, Gayleen.

Bits and pieces

We were rooting for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers during Super Bowl XVLDII, or whichever one it was, and the underdog Bucs pulled it off. We’ve been an admirer of TB12’s style for a lot of years. Old at 43? Not so much, especially since we’re both on the far side of 70 and he’s young enough to be our kid.

Still speaking of old, we don’t know how we got February COVID-19 vaccination appointments. To all those Searsmonters still waiting, we sympathize and wish you well. Getting vaccines won’t end mask-wearing and social distancing for a while. But the sooner we all get protected, the sooner we can get back to some kind of before-time normal.

We still haven’t found a threaded firebox door knob for our 80-year-old wood stove. Thanks to our new generator, Searsmont’s electricity still hasn’t gone out in 2021. You’re welcome.