Cold enough for ya? It is for me. Time to get generous with the grain for the sheep, and lots of mealy worms for the chickens. Those wily hens started hiding what few eggs they are laying, underneath the sheep hay feeder in a spot that could only be reached by lying on one’s chest and wiggling one arm as far in as we could reach.

By the time we figured this out every one was frozen solid!

Ice fishing for free

Try ice fishing for free during the State of Maine’s “Free Fishing License Week,” from Feb. 13 through Feb. 21. To participate, register online at mefishwildlife.com. Ages 15 and younger do not need to register.

There is a wealth of information about ice fishing on the maine.gov website, including this handy guide for trying it for the first time; there’s even a link for recipes! Visit maine.gov/ifw/fishing-boating/fishing/fishing-resources/ice-fishing-guide.html.

Brown tail moths

Do you hear the sound of “Jaws” when you read those words? It’s almost as scary as the pandemic.

Why, you might ask, am I bringing this up now? Well, the best time to look for brown tail moth webs in the trees around your house is October to mid-April. If at all possible you should cut them down and burn or soak them in soapy water.

But why in the Jackson news column? Because they were seen last year all along Rt. 7 in Jackson, worming their way across our landscape. There is an excellent two page info guide with photos at maine.gov/dacf/mfs/forest_health/documents/browntail_moth_brochure.pdf.

Town Office

Next Selectmen's meeting is Feb. Tuesday, 23, 6:30 p.m.

The Lafalot Funny Farm

Welcome to Jackson! There’s a new family in town looking forward to sharing their farming fun with us. Alexis and Christian Robinson have been settling in this past year and hope to have their farm products available in the coming months.

Their focus will be goat products (chevre, milk and soap).They also will be selling eggs, produce from the garden/greenhouse (hopefully building a farmstand), turkeys in the fall and are currently hatching eggs!

Stay tuned to see when their farmstand is up and running, or follow the farm on Facebook at Funny Farm, or on instagram at @funnyfarmfarmstand.

Jackson history nugget

While this may not be strictly speaking a Jackson history nugget, it did make me wonder… I came across an ad in The Republican Journal for “Dr. Gordak’s Grand Tetter Ointment, a sure cure for the Tetters or Jackson Itch, and all eruptions on the skin.”

The Tetter Ointment, along with a bounty of other cures such as Iceland jelly, Prussian liniment and Peruvian pills, were all sold at the “Belfast Book Store.” It sure does make one wonder what exotic ingredients inspired these faraway cures and whether they actually came from said places.

How did those skin eruptions come to be called “Jackson Itch?”

(The Republican Journal, Feb. 27, 1840)