Town Office

The next recycling date is Thursday, Feb. 25, and remember: no plastic bags are picked up.

Congratulations to the Community Builders who are the Town Volunteers of the Year. In this challenging year, they managed to pull off an Easter event with an Easter bunny fire truck caravan through town, a Halloween drive through trick or treat event, a Christmas event with Santa and Mrs. Claus, giving out presents and many other activities.

Also, happy birthday to Joyce O'Rourke, a.k.a Mrs. Claus, who did a wonderful job gathering and wrapping all the Christmas presents for the town children.

A big thank you to all our snow plow drivers, as there have been several messy storms lately.

Community library

Check there Facebook page to see whether or not they are closed due to inclement weather. A new program is available through Ageing Well in Waldo County with live book discussions and event registration.

Call the library for more information at 567-4147.

RSU 20

The district has approved a policy for testing students and staff for COVID-19 and permission forms will be sent out to parents shortly. The school nurse would perform a nasal swab on any students or staff exhibiting symptoms of illness. Phone calls to the parents would be made to advise of the student's illness.

Call 548-6643 for further information.

The sun has been setting at just around five o'clock now, with twilight lasting longer. We are headed towards spring now with longer days and not such short afternoons as we have in December.

President's Day and Valentines Day are over with, and the next big retail holiday is St. Patrick's Day March 17.

Temperatures have been cold with few days over freezing. The next full moon is Feb. 27 and is called the Snow Moon. As usual, on any day that has sunshine or not, go out for a walk to break up the cabin fever and breathe in some fresh air. Read a book, watch a movie or do a jig saw puzzle for entertainment.

Thought for the week

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer." — Zora Neale Hurston.