Feb. 23, 1832

We find that there has been considerable speculation, and no little popular alarm excited of late amongst us, on the subject of a comet, that, it is supposed will make its appearance during the present year. Children have acquired the belief, that it is to come very near the earth and probably set it on fire; and, we learn, that in a neighboring town, serious apprehensions had become somewhat general among a class whose astronomical knowledge is necessarily limited. It seems, likewise, that it has been a topic of interest in Europe, and that the people of France had become alarmed, which induced the Philosophical Academy to cause calculations to be made and published to allay the fears which were entertained by the ignorant classes. The result of the calculations was that there was no danger to be apprehended.

Feb. 21, 1868

The first Atlantic cable dispatch to parties in this city were received on Friday. It related to chartering the ship Louis Walsh.

The Bates family, that was burned out at the late fire in this city, has moved into a new house. A building that was discarded when the new ones on the Sanford wharf went into use, was bought by subscription, some of our mechanics contributed their work, and the owners of teams in the vicinity furnished gratis cattle power enough to haul it to another location. Thus a comfortable roof was put over the heads of a houseless family at short notice.

Feb. 18, 1886

The skating horse drew a large crowd to the Belfast Coliseum last week, and the performance gave satisfaction. Dolly is said to be the only horse ever seen on roller skates.

Telephonic communication between Belfast and Augusta was severed in the late ice storm, since which time it has been decided to discontinue the connection, and the wire will be taken from the poles. We cannot learn whether or not this disconnection is to be final. Other lines connecting with Belfast are in good working condition.

Feb. 21, 1901

The sale of valentines this year was unusually large, but was confined chiefly to the cheaper varieties. Last year about the same amount of money was expended, but it was for the better grades. This year the school children bought large numbers. The comic valentine was, we are pleased to note, conspicuous by its absence.

Feb. 23, 1922

The first robin song of this season was reported at the Taliaferro garden Wednesday morning. He seemed happy even in the snow storm.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.