We welcome new Prospect columnist Ken Folette, who is also a deputy clerk for the town. He and his wife and family are recent transplants to the town, having been drawn to Maine by its natural beauty..


I’m grateful to be one of the newest residents of Prospect. I have the great pleasure of working in the Prospect Town Office as a deputy clerk. While I may be new to the area, I am no stranger to the beauty Maine offers both residents and visitors. After traveling across the country for six months searching for the best place to start a homestead and raise our children, my wife and I fell in love with Maine and the search ended.

My goal for this column is to provide a means to get information to our Prospect residents as well as our neighbors. I hope to clearly communicate future events, welcome new residents and remind everyone of upcoming deadlines. I hope to also write about this journey of life as we walk through it and let you laugh with me along the way. I encourage those in our town to reach out to me with any news they’d like to include in the paper, such as birth announcements, special occasions, and even birthdays.

The overall goal is to showcase the town of Prospect, its history and its future.

If you would like to get in touch with me, I welcome any ideas or even a tall fishing tale.