The Freedom Board of Selectmen met Feb. 16. Major topics of discussion included out of town vehicle registrations and the annual town meeting, which may take place at the Mount View School Complex.

There was also a brief discussion of reopening the Town Office, so one person at a time can go inside for service. At this time, residents may still receive service by using the teller window on the left side of the building as viewed from the road.

Selectman Steve Bennett shared a document which contains the legislative action recognizing the incorporation of the town of Beaver Ridge Plantation. Steve almost always has some historical information or research that is relevant he shares during meetings.

There is a giant hill in a field near our house that is not so much steep as it is long. I would say it is a good 30-second run, maybe longer. With the layer of ice from the last storm there is essentially no way to stop and peak speeds approach 25 mph (estimated by me).

It feels dangerous, but it is really just impossible to stop, which is out of control. It is interesting how those two feelings, although not necessarily felt in the same situations, can be so similar. Danger. Lack of control.

In these crazy times it is good to measure our responses against the reality of the situation, whichever side of any issue we fall on.

There are a lot of big issues facing our small town and the rest of our great country. I am glad I am here, with people who view the world the same as me, and with people that disagree with me on what color grass is. All views are necessary. Some enlighten. Some serve as warnings. Fallacious thoughts will usually result in poorly thought out actions, leading to misery in many areas.

I read a great quote by Leonardo da Vinci, friend of the Borgias, "There are three classes of people: (1) those who see; (2) those who see when they are shown; (3) those who do not see."

At the behest of several residents, I would like to share in sending deep thanks and appreciation to Freedom resident James Waterman. The effort and care you show to your neighbors is well noticed.

Jim is one of few people who has asked me to print his number for people who may need fast assistance with a physical need, like water, food or heating emergencies. You can call him at 993-2602.