On Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021, Jacob Whiting, beloved brother and son, father of three, passed away at the age of 49. Jacob was born Dec. 9, 1971, in Middletown, N.Y. As the first of a set of identical twins, he arrived a mere four minutes earlier than his lifelong partner in crime and twin brother, Jesse. Jacob grew up with his five siblings and parents as they skipped across the country from Maine to Minot, N.D., then to Hope, N.M., and finally settling back in Northport, which Jacob considered to be his true home. Jacob was a loving and devoted father to three children; his son, Jericho, and his two daughters, Jocelyn and Justice.

Jacob was an avid outdoorsman and lover of nature. He strove to share his joy in the outdoors with his loved ones, and was often found attempting to cajole his children into joining him on hikes through the woods, long walks on the shore, or fishing along the banks of a quiet Maine brook. Many of his outdoor adventures took place with the stunning backdrop of the Stratton area he grew to cherish during his adult life.

Jacob was a true lover of life and experiences, but above all, he was a collector. He found beauty and value all around him and had a knack for spying the perfect sand dollar or a pristine sea urchin shell or an old arrowhead on any given stroll. He was a lifelong curator of found treasures, and cared for his discoveries with a dedicated passion, making his home a museum of curiosities.

Jacob was preceded in death by his father, Jere Wescott Whiting. He is survived by his three children, Jericho, Jocelyn and Justice; his mother, Jan; brothers Jedediah, Jesse, Jonas and Joseph; and his sister, Jobyna. He will also be dearly missed by his myriad of nephews and nieces, including Jaimi, Joshua, Jeffrey, Jordynn, Jade, Jetton, Juston, James, Janae, and Juniper.

Memorial service plans will be made in the summer, when an outdoor gathering will allow his friends and family to join together to celebrate his life amidst the natural beauty he so loved.