Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference boys basketball coaches record the league's statistical leaders and among those from the Feb. 11 report are student-athletes from Camden Hills of Rockport, Oceanside of Rockland, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro, Belfast and Mount View of Thorndike.

The following are rankings for area squads and players for the 23-team league:

Team offense — Camden Hills, 69.8; Oceanside, 66.2; Belfast, 62.8; Mount View, 62.; and Medomak Valley, 56.

Points per game — Jeremy Fraser, CH, 24.3; Jason Bartlett, Bel, 21.8; Chris Kelley, Bel, 17.2; Trevor Brown, Med, 17.0; Cam Kingsbury Ocean, 15.0; Pat McKenney, Med, 13.0; Everett Allyn, Ocean, 12.7; and Bodhi Ames, Ocean, 12.7.

Rebounds per game — Jeremy Fraser, CH, 9.8; Bodhi Ames, Ocean, 8.8; Chris Kelley, Bel, 8.0; Ryan Clifford, CH, 6.6; and Trevor Brown, Med, 6.0.

Assists per game — Cam Kingsbury, Ocean, 6.3; and Ryan Clifford, CH, 3.6.

Steals per game — Brandon Starr, Med, 5.0; Jeremy Fraser, CH, 3.0; and Cam Kingsbury, Ocean, 2.3.

Blocked shots per game — Bodhi Ames, Ocean, 2.3.

Three-pointers — Cam Kingsbury, Ocean, 15; Chris Kelley, Bel, 14; and Jeremy Fraser, CH, 12.

Field-goal percentage — Jeremy Fraser, CH, 58.9; Bodhi Ames, Ocean, 58.6; Westen DeWaard, CH, 54.3; Jason Bartlett, Bel, 53.9; and Everett Allyn, Ocean, 52.9.

Three-point  percentage — Cam Kingsbury, Ocean, 42.9; Tanner Veilleux, Bel, 41.7; Chris Kelley, Bel, 40.0; Elliot Lucier, Ocean, 39.1; and Casey Messer, CH, 39.1.

Free-throw percentage — Jason Bartlett, Bel, 93.3; Jeremy Fraser, CH, 91.7; and Cam Kingsbury, Ocean, 72.

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