Hello Waldo!

Despite the icy day we had this week, I think this has been one of the better cross-county skiing years we had in a while. There is also more snowmobile activity this year than I remember for some time, which is almost as good as groomed trails.

We are lucky in Waldo County to have such an extensive winding network of trails through our woods, fields, and frozen bogs. The frozen landscape opens up new places to explore.

Here in Maine, we have strong private property rights, but we also have a long tradition of shared undisturbed access, especially for winter recreation, and it is a privilege many people only dream of.

Based on the date on the calendar, I am guessing we will soon be approaching the town meeting. I am not sure when it is or what the format will be this year, but I will do my best to find out. I believe this information used to be mailed out to folks and I would like to see that tradition brought back, because I am unsure how else we are supposed to review town materials beforehand and know when meetings are.

If you’re a town selectmen in Waldo or have some of this information, e-mail me and let me know so I may use this column to pass along the information. I have heard from others that they would like to see better communication within Waldo, and I am happy to help facilitate that.

Our cold days seem to be more often followed by sunny ones and the drip drip of melting snow and ice. The birds seem more active and I’m waiting for bigger flocks of yellow and purple finches, and the cheerful flip of the phoebe’s tail. Most of our seeds, trees and bare root plants have been ordered; in two weeks the office in the house will have rows of seed trays on heat mats and under grow lights.

Spring is always a great unknown here but these little things reconnect me to the increasing light and energy. What springtime rituals are you gearing up for?