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A vaccination tale

We’ve been asked to pass along our experience getting vaccinated for COVID-19, and are glad to oblige.

The hard part was getting an appointment. From that point, things went smoothly thanks to the good folks at Waldo County General Hospital and MaineHealth. Signage on both Route 3 and Route 52 for the vaccination site at Bank of America was very good. Someone with a clipboard greeted us at the parking lot, checked us off a list and showed us where to park near the flagged building entrance.

Masked up, we walked into the lobby to give our names, answered the “are you sick” questions we’re all tired of answering, had our temperatures taken, and went to the check-in table. We showed identification and went to the second table to fill out forms. We got our handwritten vaccination card at the third table and were shown into the inoculation room. “Left arm or right?” we were asked (we chose different ones), and it was over 15 seconds after we sat down.

We walked into the next room, handed over our card to be completed, set up the second shot appointment, got a piece of tape with a “good to go” time to put on our jackets, and waited out the short observation time in front of a big digital clock.

We were on our way home less than half an hour after turning off the car engine. First shot’s aftereffect was a slightly sore arm. Second shot a few weeks later produced a much more sore arm, fatigue and muscle aches for one day. Emotional after effect? Relief.

Congratulations to all at WCGH and MaineHealth for a very user-friendly operation.

Town office and town library

No Town Office news to report this week, but a reminder that the Planning Board scheduled a site review hearing on a Moody Mountain Road subdivision next Tuesday, March 2, followed by a regular monthly meeting.

We’ll have a report next week on the library-sponsored Saturday, Feb. 20, “Exploring the Wilds of Searsmont” morning hike with Sarah Crosby and Bill Evans, weather permitting.

Bits and pieces

Jesse Gogan tells us there will probably be no Memorial Day Parade this year, but he’s still planning for an end-of-May village green ceremony to recognize those who fought and died for America.

He has also asked the Selectmen to consider town funding for new American flag poles along Main Street, and solar-powered lights for those flags as well as the ones at the town’s eight cemeteries.

We spent an enjoyable half hour in the Belfast Free Library’s lobby looking at the display of Douglas Coffin cartoons from the now-defunct Waldo Independent. If you lived through MBNA, big box store brouhahas and school consolidation, you’ll enjoy the cartoons, too. You may even laugh out loud viewing Coffin’s jabs at tourists, potholed roads and wild turkey. We did.

A not-so-pleasant update on the ice fisherfolks’ trash still being left on Levenseller Pond. The pond, which is used by homes around it for water, is at risk of pollution from the cigarette butts, food bags, beer bottles, soda cans and other stuff left on the ice. Even worse, residents doing cleanup have found used hypodermic needles. Anglers, please do the right thing and take your garbage off the ice when you leave each day.

Speaking of ice, don’t the trees look pretty with some frosting on them?