I saw a cute meme on Facebook the other day; people were in the produce section of a grocery store and everyone was wearing masks and they couldn't lick their fingers to open up the little plastic bags that you would put produce in.

It was reminiscent of my conversation with Marie Alexander a few days prior. I saw her struggling to open the bag, and I walked up to her and said "You really want to lick your fingers, don't you?" She's still living with her youngest son, Paul, and they have recently moved to Clinton.

Although Facebook can be quite negative, it's nice when it's used for positive connections. Recently, a new family group has been created that I am a member of.

It's the Shields/Tucker Family, and has put me in touch with many distant cousins and helped me learn a lot about my maternal family history. It's neat to see the maternal line and some of the maiden names that, of course, did not get carried down through to me: Tucker, Shields, Wise, Herrige, McLaughlin and Crocker to name a few.

We've been at work at the town office, getting ready for town meeting and putting together the annual report and warrant. One of my favorite parts is the recognition of people who help shape, or have shaped, our community. We keep it a secret until the books are published.

A little over a year ago, our Animal Control Officer, Crystal Nichols, had to live trap a dog by the railroad tracks in Thorndike. She dropped it off at the Waterville Area Humane Society, where it escaped from them.

Exactly one year to the day it took off from Waterville, it was trapped in Augusta and is currently at the Kennebec Humane Society. A little thinner, but none the worse for wear.

Unity Ambulance Corps is pleased to announce the arrival of their brand new 2020 Ford F-550 4×4 custom built PL Customs Ambulance within the next week. They are retiring the 2003 truck, which has served them well and logged a lot of miles.

I remember when the ambulance was kept with the fire trucks at the old firehouse on Depot Street, which is now the food pantry building. The ambulance then was more of a very large station wagon.

My mother was an EMT then, and I was often used as a practice "dummy."

The next USDA Farmers to Families food boxes will be available at MV March 5 from 9 a.m. to noon.

For my horsey friends! Danielle McAlpine, who grew up in Burnham, has graduated from Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre in Waverly, W.Va., and has started her own farrier service.

Check out her Facebook page at McAlpine Farrier Services or call her at 487-1521.

Ferreira Trucking is looking for in-state truck drivers, full time and part time roll off drivers. Stop in to Ferreira Trucking on The Bangor Road to fill out an application or call Tim at 314-2557.

Be prepared! Chase Toys is fully stocked on generators again. They were backordered for months.

As of March 1, the lobby at the Dunkin' Donuts in Unity will reopen. Lobby hours will be 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Drive thru hours will be 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tanner Grant has opened his own plumbing service. Call or text 944-4355, or message his business page at Grant's Plumbing Service.

Unity Area Regional Recycling Center is pleased to announce that, as of March 2, they will begin accepting glass again! Please bear in mind, this includes normal household recycling, such as bottles and jars, not things such as window panes, aquariums or other such larger pieces of glass.

They also ask that any lids or tops be removed from the glass before you bring it to the center. They would like to make the same request in regards to any plastic you bring to them as well.

Shortly after Valentine's Day a Unity citizen recovered some cards that were attached to helium filled mylar balloons and released into the atmosphere. We don't know where these balloons originated, but they ended up as litter.

Sign up for Friends of Lake Winnecook's 2021 Online Ice-Out contest by becoming a member for $15 per person. This year's winner shall receive a custom, locally made "Lake Winnecook" cribbage board. Visit lakewinnecook.org for more.