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Searsmont Makes The Times

We’ve hit big time, folks. On Feb. 19, an article in the New York Times online led with a photo taken in Searsmont.

The story featured Waldo County Woodshed – “the largest wood bank in Maine” – among others hereabouts. Our own Dawn Caswell and Bob MacGregor were pictured as Woodshed co-founders along with several shots of the facility in the village next to Threshers Brewing. They provide free firewood for Searsmonters and anyone else who needs winter fuel, and voters at town meeting have approved donations to them for several years.

Now we share the Woodshed and our pride in Searsmont with an international audience.

Town Office and Library

The next Selectmen’s meeting is March 9 at 5 p.m. Call the town office at 342-5411 to attend by Zoom. We’ll report on the Feb. 25 meeting held to start a discussion about extending broadband into Searsmont. Seems like a good idea, and the process has already started in Lincolnville, Northport, Hope and Montville.

On Feb. 16, the Planning Board announced the hiring of Appleton’s Patti Chapman as the board’s new 20-hour-a-month clerk. “She’s very experienced,” said Chair Chris Halsted, “and we’re happy to have her with us. We also want to thank Nancy Weser for her more than four years of outstanding service.”

On March 2, the Planning Board held the site review hearing on a Moody Mountain Road subdivision. We will report on that next week and on the Feb. 27 library-sponsored “Exploring the Wilds of Searsmont” hike. That was delayed a week due to ice and crusty snow.

The library’s Seed Library list, including Fieldstone Farm’s 2021bunching onions, is online at

Bits and Pieces

Boy, are our faces red. After all the fun we had telling you about the previous 2021 dog license deadline, Gov. Mills signed an executive order extending the time to get yours penalty-free. You now have until June 2 to pay the regular amount and avoid a $25 late fee.

Belmont Market and Variety on Route 3 has a new name and new owner, and now takes credit and debit cards.

Yasser Alsudamy and cook Amber Cushman also have a new kitchen and offer “made-from-scratch biscuit” breakfast sandwiches, hot and cold lunch sandwiches and subs, burgers, pizza, hot dogs and chicken tenders. We’ll try it out soon.

Brown-tail moths were pretty bad in Searsmont last year. One of us got hit hard by the critters, and 2021 might be just as itchy. Cut down any tight end-of-branch winter nests you find and burn them or soak them in soapy water.

Go to for free information.

Until the recent thaw, we couldn’t remember the last time there was this much slipping and sliding on iced-over driveways. For several days it was quite the adventure getting the mail and bringing in the groceries.

We’d give us a skating score of at least 8.5.