Freedom Solid Waste Representative Phil Bloomstein and alternate Meredith Coffin presented some great news about the Unity Area Community Recycling Center.

Beginning March 2, participating towns can begin bringing glass to the center, which will be processed into "Safe Sand" using a glass crushing machine that was purchased with a grant to the center. Glass must be very clean, with any metal or plastic caps or rings removed.

Meredith also discussed a bill in the Maine legislature which aims to incentivize companies selling their products in Maine to make their packaging more recyclable. Most people present seemed very positive about rewarding desirable behavior rather than simply punishing undesirable behavior.

Jim Waterman shared some information about food deliveries from the USDA program "Farmers to Families." If you are interested in getting a box and cannot make it to the pick up sites March 5 and March 19, you can call Jim at 993-2602. Last week, he delivered 45 boxes, mostly to residents of Freedom.

There are no eligibility requirements, all you have to do to get a box that has about 25 pounds of produce, dairy and meat is request it. There really are an abundance of resources for people who may be running low on foodstuffs.

In my life, I have heard a lot of people speak disdainfully of getting assistance, but I would encourage anyone who is in need to utilize the programs that are there for you.

Just don't be lazy. You know if you are being lazy, don't let others condemn you if you are truly trying to live the best life you are capable of.

There was some very interesting discussion regarding the municipal voting to take place March 12 at the Freedom Election Hall from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

It seems that out of 240 votes cast in the November 2020 election, with a large number cast by mail-in or absentee ballot, around five people voted without a mask on, despite a mandate in effect at the time from the governor, which had a medical exemption. The two selectmen present, Ron Price and Steve Bennett, wanted to know what could be done to prevent such a situation from occurring again, and they suggested stationing a physically adept resident in a guard position to prevent mask-less people from entering in some way.

Did you know that in Maine, you can carry a gun, open carry or concealed, while you vote in a municipal election? The only exception is if your election takes place in a gun-free zone like a school, federal building or a courthouse.

"When you were born, you were not alone…You heard someone say it won't get better than this. That was the sound of your father, as he held you up to your mother. No one will ever know a love as pure as the one that you felt right then." — Tomas Kalnoky.