Vito, the Beach Cat

If you’d like to remember summer in Searsport, Carver Library has a children’s book called “The Adventures of Vito the Beach Cat” that features a cat that lives in Searsport and spends a lot of time on the beach at Mosman Park. The author, Rhonda Winegar, frequently visits her mom, Oma, and her cat, Vito here in Searsport. Vito is an independent cat who loses his collar and ends up in an animal shelter in Bucksport, soon to be taken to Vermont with some visiting tourists! The book is a quick read with lots of pictures that you may recognize!

The 175th Committee

The 175th committee is getting together to plan some welcome activities for Searsport’s 176th year. If you’d like to join in on the planning, give James at the town office a call.

Historic Preservation Building plaques

Historic Preservation Commission is working on its historic plaque program. If you would like a date sign on your home, pick up an application at the Town Office so they can process it. You will need the builder or first resident and the date or approximate date the building was erected. Some research might be needed, but they can help. The weatherproof plaques are $35, and come with all the hardware needed for mounting.

The Aquarian Gift Shop

Ever wonder what that shop with the beautiful windows was all about? Well I decided to find out. I had a delightful visit with Jennifer Wenz, proprietor of the new age Aquarian Gift Shop at 28 E. Main St. Her shop contains a wide variety of interesting items guaranteed to inspire positive energy. But most of all she is excited about her nonprofit project, Pay It Forward for Kids. In 2015, she decided to join in the “Pay it forward” movement by paying off lunch debts in Searsport schools. She thought she could donate $500 and have it done. When she found out the total was over $2,900, she had what she calls “a defining moment” and decided to get serious about helping kids and families in need.

She now has over 100 volunteers helping out social workers, Northern Light and Acadia hospitals, as well as police and faculty that know about a need in the community.

If you’re wondering how she manages to do all this from a storefront in Searsport, she maintains is a storage unit that contains donated household goods to helps young mothers get resettled. It has grown to include programs like “Child in Crisis” and “Santa Secret Service.” Jennifer is committed to the idea that the community can help out their own better than a government program.

So, if you would like to donate items or dollars, you can reach Jennifer at the store Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; call her cell at 323-6262; or check her Facebook page at “Pay it forward for kids.”

Also, there is a new website at pifkids.org that explains the needs and the latest projects.