Don't forget to vote Friday, March 12, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Freedom Election Hall. I spoke with Freedom Town Clerk Cynthia Abbott on Thursday and she told me that 27 people had submitted absentee or mail-in ballots at that time. Thank you, Cindy, for your dedication to your job, and for dealing with the added stress and steps of operation that have come into play this past year.

I missed the first 22 minutes of the Freedom Board of Selectmen meeting on March 1, which was disappointing because there is usually some interesting topic brought up at the beginning that either warrants further discussion later or is eventually passed over as inconsequential. I also missed the presentation from Fire Chief Jim Waterman, which is usually very positive and well thought out.

There still is no date for the annual town meeting, but the annual Town Report will be ready "soon." There will be an unusual occurrence in Freedom's operations after this election. Without a date for the annual town meeting, new town officials, of which there will be at least one, will be sworn in potentially months ahead of the town meeting.

Last year we were in a national emergency on the day of our town meeting. There were no mask-wearing people at that meeting, but there was also no coughing. Then we were supposed to have 14 days to flatten the curve, but instead of staying home, people with three days or less worth of food swarmed the grocery stores, bought ALL of the toilet paper, and realized no one else was staying home, so why should they?

My family and I intend to enjoy the coming years together, eating food we grow, raising birds, goats, and maybe a cow or some sheep someday. We are not afraid of any step of life, but sometimes life can be a little scary.

I saw a sign at a gymnastics class once that said, "Sometimes you have to do it scared." Fear can be paralyzing. The trick is not, not being scared; it is overcoming fear with your actions and the subsequent survival and success you experience.

"Rock! What's the matter with you Rock? Don't you see I need you Rock?" — Nina Simone