In like a lion … but it never does seem to go out like a lamb! I'm ready for spring weather; I bought some daffodils at the store the other day to cheer me from the March doldrums. Even my cats are looking forward to warmer days and have been asking to go outside more often. I let them out the back door and then they go around to the front and ask to be let back in. Musical doors.

Many thanks to Selectmen Dan McCormick and Tony Avila who went out on the very windy day with sub-zero wind chills to clear fallen trees from roadways. It was one of those days that sucked the breath right out of you. Dan is up for re-election this month for a second term as selectman. He has worked diligently and pragmatically for the citizens of Unity over the last three years.

Is there anyone in Unity interested in being an alternate representative to the Unity Area Regional Recycling Center? If so, please let Kari know at the Town Office.

If you are looking for compost, Shawn Turner will be available for hauling Casella Organics Gro-Max and other products: 570-0169.

Tim Parker Jr.'s "Lawn and Order" landscaping service is looking for seasonal laborers. See his Facebook page or call 505 5459. Tim took over the mowing contract for Unity's seven cemeteries last year and did an outstanding job.

There are four full racks of seed available at Mac's Hardware, along with grow material and starter packs. They are also taking orders for baby chicks. I remember big truckloads of chicks arriving at my grandmother's farm on the plantation. She raised broilers for Penobscot Poultry. We had to be careful not to startle them because they would smother each other. The "boys" would have to walk through and now and again to remove the ones that didn't make it. How I loved those baby chickens!

Star In The West Masonic Lodge 85 of Unity, through lodge fundraising events and with the assistance of the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation, presented the Open Door lunch program with a donation totaling $2,200 to help feed people in the community. The Open Door serves lunch at the food pantry building on Thursdays, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Thanks to Roxanne Curtis, I learned a little bit of Unity Raceway history this past week. The bleachers at the track (not the covered grandstands) were originally used at John F. Kennedy's presidential inauguration.Those in charge of the ceremony wanted to get rid of them so Bob Knowles had them shipped here and installed at the track.

Reminder! Unity Area Regional Recycling Center is pleased to announce that, as of March 2, they are accepting glass again! Please bear in mind, this includes normal household recycling, such as bottles and jars, not things such as window panes, aquariums, or other such larger pieces of glass. They also ask that any lids or tops be removed from the glass before you bring it to the center. They would like to make the same request in regard to any plastic you bring to them as well.

For selectmen minutes and other important information, please go to Keep in mind minutes are not posted until after they've been approved.