March 11, 1842

We love a good potato, and we can tell a good potatoe, (after munching it), and more than all, we believe we have got as good potatoes as there is to be had. To a farmer, seeds are valuable for two considerations, viz: the amount of yield and the quality. As it is near the time when farmers should begin to think about his seed, we will just remark that fall we purchased of Mr. John D. Dickey, a lot of red potatoes, very much resembling the River Plate (as we have been used to hearing them termed). We were laughed at for purchasing them, but relying on the word of Mr. Dickey we did so, and have not had cause to regret it.

March 15, 1867

The last of a very interesting course of Assemblies, was held at Peirce’s Hall, on Tuesday evening. As a novelty for the occasion the ladies all appeared in calico dresses, exhibiting a great variety of styles, gotten up with excellent taste. They looked quite as bewitching as in silks and satin, thus attaining the main result with a great savings of greenbacks.

March 17, 1881

The period so perilous to the comfort of the family man, known as spring house cleaning, is upon us.

Our local sportsmen are talking of forming themselves into a gun club, under the game laws of the State. There are some very fine firearms owned in this city, and many of our amateur marksmen can make scores that would do honor to professionals. Large quantities of powder are burnt here annually.

March 12, 1908

Plans for the fair to be given by the Ladies’ Circle of the North church on April 1st are well underway. The fair will be held in the Opera House. Fancy articles, dolls, aprons, kitchen utensils and candy will be for sale. One feature of the fair will be a Dutch market, at which supper may be obtained from 5 to 6.30 p. M. The food will be sold on the European plan. Admission to the fair and to the market will be free, but an admission will be charged in the evening, when a carefully prepared drama will be presented.

March 17, 1921

A U. S. civil service examination for clerk and city carrier in the Belfast post office will be held at the post office on Saturday, March 26th, at 9 o’clock. Both men and women may enter this examination, but must have reached their eighteenth, but not their forty-fifth birthday at the date of examination. The salaries range from $1,400 to $1,800 per annum. Further information may be obtained from Mr. F. B. Luce at the post office.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.