After residents overwhelmingly approved the purchase of the Swan Lake Dam from Goose River Hydro at a November 2020 special town meeting, the deal was recently finalized.

In a conversation with The Republican Journal March 9, First Selectman Cindy Boguen said the closing on the purchase of the dam by the town has gone through, and Swanville now legally owns the dam.

The closing, Boguen said, took place March 8, and the reason it took so long was that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had to surrender all rights to the dam.

"Because it was a hydro dam, FERC had to post it and give people an opportunity to protest," she said. "We were hoping that they released the license soon."

Saturday, March 13, residents will vote on a water level ordinance at the town meeting which, if approved, will be filed with the Maine Dams and Mills Department to secure all rights to the dam.

Boguen said the state has pre-approved the ordinance and it is a matter of filing  information with the state showing that the FERC license has been surrendered.

The annual town meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday in the Town Office parking lot, will be different this year, she said, because of the pandemic. Residents will remain in their vehicles and tune into a special channel on their car radio to hear the proceedings. The clerk will verify registered voters and supply them with different colored cards to use when voting.

In order to make the town meeting run as efficiently as possible, Boguen said, she spoke with lawyers at Maine Municipal Association, who advised her to make it as short and simple as possible.

"Traditionally we have voted on the Waldo County budget and the Regional School Unit 71 school budget at our town meeting, but this is more of a courtesy, because we as a town have no control over this, so they have been removed from the present warrant," Boguen wrote in the Town Report.

This year’s warrant has been paired down to 12 ordinances, mostly dealing with town administration, roads and services. Boguen noted the municipal budget presented in the warrant this year will remain flat, like last year's.