Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a little chicken. That chicken's name was Peep. She had very nice stripes and she had a mama that was called Mom The Stink Bomb. She was a very nice chicken who tried very hard to hatch and peep out, which she finally did, after a while. Peep was our first baby chicken that had ever hatched out of an egg. We named her Peep because she was so loud and was always peeping. The mom cared about Peep so much and Peep loved her Mom, too.

Chapter 2

Peep lived on a very nice farm in a pretty big fenced-in area. She was fenced in because we had a fox who would try to eat the chickens. The fox had already eaten a couple chickens before. All the chickens somehow knew to run away when they saw the fox coming, but not Peep, so we put her in a tiny fenced-in area that was in the bigger fenced-in area to keep her safe from two things: One, the other chickens that are older than her. The older chickens wanted food, they wanted to kill the baby chicken. Two, the foxes. For these reasons we had to fence her in with her mom. Her mom does not peck her.

Chapter 3

Occasionally Peep’s mom would stay in the nest with her and then Peep would do this weird thing. She would be looking into her mom's eyes and she would peck her mom’s eye. So her mom would peck back and that would keep her in the nest. But, most of the time Peep would stay in the nest on her own while her mom would be out looking for some food. After about a week she started to stand up, well kind of, and a couple days after that week she started moving. She started walking and eventually she became very good at it and she followed her mom around. Then when she got a little bit older we let her out of the fenced-in area with her mom and the other chickens, who did peck her, but she knew how to run away so she wasn't very defenseless against the other chickens anymore.

The end

Author's note:

During the remote and hybrid learning over the past several months I have become very attached to our family’s chickens. I have a couple special chickens that I believe I can even communicate with. I make special clicks and they come running, it is pretty cool. One day I decided to start writing a book or story about my chickens, and it has turned into something I really like doing. It is my quiet time where I can hang out with my chickens and not worry about anything else that is going on in the world. I bet there are a lot of people who have found something they didn’t know they loved to do during these quarantine days. Everyone needs something to take them away from it all, and this is what I have found: writing stories about my chickens. Please enjoy my story: "Chicken Bock."

Reprinted from The COVID Chronicle, a newspaper started by students in Nancy Nickerson's fourth grade class at Capt. Albert W. Stevens School about what it is like to attend school during the pandemic.