Morrill Fire Department news

Recent calls for service were to South Main Street for a smoke alarm investigation. No problems, returned quickly. A few days later we were requested for a chimney fire response to Bicknell Road in Belmont. Again, not an issue, but our protocol calls for automatic response both in and out of town with our mutual aid partners, as chimney fires are handled as structure fires because of their potential to go down hill rapidly.

If you have not done so recently, please test your smoke detectors. This should be done at least monthly. Detectors have a life span of about 10 years. Replace them according to this rule of thumb. We encourage changing batteries twice yearly, as the saying goes "change the clocks, change your batteries." It's your life and your families that you need to safely protect. Just look at the headlines statewide over the last few weeks, four tragic deaths in Maine.

We thank all who are donating cans and bottles for our Tanker Replacement Fund. This is a long-term project at this time. With the monies set aside in the town budget for equipment replacement and your donations, we will be able to obtain a quality tanker while keeping the amount from taxes lower.

We still need a volunteer or two to do taping and mudding for our sheetrock walls in our air supply/storage room. It is not a large room. Please contact Pat at 342-2129 or Jethro at 342-5910.

I hope everyone is enjoying the chief's news from the Morrill Fire Department. I know I'm enjoying hearing about what's happening and going on with the department.

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Everyone have an awesome week and be happy. Enjoy your life.

I hope you are all enjoying all this wonderful weather, and hope it stays this way.

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