Hello All,

Still in Winslow. Dealing with the after-effects of my stomach serious surgery. Living on nausea meds to cope. Boy this has sure made me tough.

Waiting on spring!

Maple syrup

Those days are coming for maple syrup soon. And all the other maple flavored goodies.

Belated birthday

Belated happy 90th birthday to Gloria McElroy.


Always nice to have other family visitors stop by.


Thanks to lifelong friends for my flowers. Most appreciated. And for the cards being sent to me.

COVID-19 days of a past year

Depression has set in for many people. Everything has changed. Lots of things canceled, nothing to do. Places closed. Boredom has caused severe depression. Reach out to someone to talk to, don't feel you are all alone. We are all dealing with many things, and it's hard. Reach out to someone, a trusted friend or family member for help. You can do this!

Nice weather

As I look out the window at the sunshine, it makes me hopeful. Warmer outside today. Been watching the birds.


An Auxiliary friend from Belfast Unit 43 has passed away. Geraldine "Gerry" Holland passed away recently. May she rest in peace. Thinking of her family.

Farmer Wentworth

Sympathy to the family of Lloyd Wentworth who has passed on. We all know the Wentworths of Webb Road, Knox, from long ago. The farm and families. He will be missed.

Until next week,

Wanted to let everyone know I am still plugging along slowly. Time to heal, but feeling miserable still. Wishing the days away to feel better. Take care. Happy spring soon!

Editor's Note: Cards can be sent to Rita, c/o Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Doughty, 8 Fuller Drive, Winslow, ME 04901.