When Town Manager Jennifer King went on medical leave March 8, the town was lucky enough to have someone able to step in as part-time interim manager while she's out. The leave is expected to last up to 12 weeks, though King told The Republican Journal she hopes to return sooner.

Malcolm "Mac" Smith said he has lived in town "all my life," and has served on the Planning Board and the Budget Committee, as well as being recording secretary to the Board of Selectmen for the last seven years.

Smith said he will help shepherd the town budget through its review by the selectmen, along with Assessor Amber Poulin, building on the significant work King had already done before she went on leave.

Earlier in his life, Smith was a reporter for the Bar Harbor Times. He also served four years in the Navy, he said, so he understands deadlines and is fluent in "government-speak."

He has not served as an interim town manager before, he said, but "I've been around long enough to figure out how to get (the job) done."

Smith can be reached at 567-3404 or manager@stocktonsprings.org.