This week, we’re focusing on a talented Prospect resident: Sandy Reynolds. Sandy has been a resident of Prospect since 1974 and has held many town positions, including his current position on the town Planning Board.

Alfred “Sandy” Reynolds is a graduate of the University of Colorado and served three years in the U.S. Army. After serving, he moved to Germany where he spent five years teaching English at a German high school. Once he returned to America, Sandy worked as a charter pilot, a flight instructor, and an FAA designated pilot examiner right here on the Maine coast.

Aside from his continued involvement in our town, Sandy is also an accomplished author with three published books to his credit. His books include: The Adventures of Rattlesnake Ralph (Scribner’s 1973), Kiteman of Kranga (Knopf 1985), and Ice Virus.

His latest young adult sci-fi book, Ice Virus, is set on a winged dirigible near a sub-freezing colony in Antarctica. Ice Virus was published in October 2020 and is available on Amazon as well as in the Town Office library.

We’re proud Sandy calls the town of Prospect “home” and look forward to enjoying more of his penned adventures.

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