WCAP asks for town meeting support

Waldo Community Action Partners is asking town voters to support the funding requests in your town budgets this year. WCAP provides critical services to support low-income and vulnerable members of our community, including emergency fuel assistance, home weatherization and repair, transportation, early childhood programs, rent relief and food distribution. Last year, WCAP provided $7.8 million in services to residents in every town in Waldo County.

Town financial support is critical to help provide services to those with urgent needs. In addition to providing direct client services, municipal funding helps us leverage more money from state and federal sources. Every town or city dollar for transportation services results in $3 in federal support!

Our transportation program drove county residents 2.3 million miles to medical appointments and other essential services last year. We delivered food during the pandemic and provided early childhood programs remotely. Home repair and fuel assistance keeps Waldo county people warm and safe every day.

Waldo CAP efficiently contributes to a vital safety net for family, friends and neighbors in a time of need. When you attend your town meeting this spring, please support our funding request.

Donna M. Kelley, LCSW

President and CEO, WCAP

Endorses Bebb for BOS

I’m happy to endorse Breanna Pinkham Bebb in her quest for a seat on the Northport Board of Selectmen. Our paths have crossed in many ways over the past 10 years. Her knowledge and many connections within the Northport, Belfast and Greater Waldo County communities would serve her well as she serves our town!

As executive director of Our Town Belfast, Bre impressed me first when she provided an engaging presentation during my Midcoast Leadership Academy’s class about the region’s creative economy. With her forward-thinking vision, she launched or continued events like the Please-Be-Seated public art installation, Dinner on the Bridge, August Street Party, and many citywide sales and promotions, while tirelessly advocating for the Belfast area. She left that role after five years, becoming community engagement coordinator for the Belfast Co-op, and she now works at a private company in Lincolnville, continuing to widen her circles of awareness while serving clients throughout the Midcoast region.

Breanna’s an involved and dedicated Northport citizen, serving on our Planning Board, and as a mom, championing the wonderful Northport school that her son attends. The two of them also have a frequent volunteer presence at the Northport distribution site of the Waldo County Woodshed, which she manages, providing free firewood to people in need. Public service runs in the Bebb family, as Bre’s husband serves as a volunteer firefighter for our town.

The special election to fill the Northport Select Board open seat is Wednesday, April 14.

Christine Anderson-Morehouse


Dodge asks to hear from constituents

When the people of Belfast, Waldo and Northport voted to send me back to the Maine House of Representatives last November, I knew that this legislative session was going to be tremendously challenging. We are all still reeling from the impacts of COVID-19 and, now more than ever, you need me to have your back in Augusta.

I am best able to serve our community when I hear directly from those I was elected to serve. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, employer or employee, landlord or tenant, caregiver or dependent, unemployed or retired, it is critical that I hear from you in order to address your specific needs in Augusta. You can always reach me at 338-1626 and jan.dodge@legislature.maine.gov to share your ideas, questions or concerns.

One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that it is now easier than ever to make your voice heard in the legislative process. In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, all public hearings in legislative committees have been made virtual, meaning you can share your views with Maine lawmakers from anywhere!! If you wish to testify on a bill, send an email to lio@legislature.maine.gov or call 287-1692 for additional information on how to sign up. If you have any additional questions, I encourage you to reach out to me. I want to help you participate and for your voice to be heard!!

You can search for bills at legislature.maine.gov and submit testimony or sign up to address a legislative committee live at mainelegislature.org/testimony. To check out the bills I have submitted to make lives better here in House District 97, visit my sponsor report. You can also view any of the Legislature’s committee work at youtube.com/c/MaineStateLegislature.

As I drive to Augusta in the coming days for a brief in-person session, I will be taking all of the thoughts, concerns, questions and opinions I’ve heard from you all with me.

It is an absolute honor to serve House District 97. I look forward to the day when I can host in-person office hours, converse with you all in our grocery stores and other local venues and spend time together in our beautiful community. Please do not let our current circumstances keep you from contacting me directly. I so look forward to hearing from you!

State Rep. Jan. Dodge


Trump was a victim

Even before President Trump was sworn in there were Democrats planning to impeach him. For the four years he was in office he was called everything from a racist to an agent of Russia. All false. There were members of the Democratic Party who wished him dead. In the past if a man on the street made some of the statements that people like Maxine Waters did, they would have been arrested and probably gotten jail time. If you are attacked and falsely accused for four long years, would you not think that the parties making the accusations would do all they could, legally or otherwise to prevent your reelection?

The Dems are saying that President Trump should have used legal means to prove that the election may have been stolen. The facts are clear. There were questions that should have, and could have been investigated. Those questions, instead of being checked out, were ignored as crazy talk. If the left truly wanted to bring the country together and prove that the election was all above board, would it not have been better to answer at least some of the questions that those on the right felt needed investigating?

I don’t see the actions of Jan. 6 as insurrection. I see them as a protest that got out of hand. Keep in mind, these were American citizens who entered their Capitol because they felt that their votes may have been compromised. President Trump did not order anyone to do what occurred at the Capitol. Frustrated American citizens did. There is also the possible involvement of lefties who supposedly egged on the protesters. President Trump was not responsible in any way. Trump 2024.

Leo Mazerall

Stockton Springs