Hello All,

First of all, thanks for the cards and notes. Most appreciated by me. Makes the days go by faster to have mail to look forward to. I am glad it is finally spring; been counting days down since last fall.

A friend found some daffodils under the plastic banking and brought them inside to open up. How nice.


A happy 15th birthday to Chase Weaver!!! May you have many more.

A happy 85th birthday to Joyce Elkins Cronk!!!

A happy 97th birthday to Pearl Nickless!!!


I am saddened to report that my neighbor Tammy Boulier McCue passed away early Sunday morning. She had observed her 50th birthday the day before. She had been sick for quite some time. I will miss her beautiful soul and smile. Thinking of her mom JoAnne, and the family.

Easter creations

Grey Sky Creations and Logan Grant have all kinds of Easter bunnies, dog bandanas and tote bags, shirts and more. Find her on Facebook. Or contact through Lori Grant Nason. She makes some neat things.

Maple syrup

The sap is flowing. Kinney's Sugarhouse is very busy, I understand, boiling that maple syrup to purchase soon.


Yes. I am overjoyed it is finally spring!! I am feeling better. Going to the doctor's on the 24th to get my staples out. Kinda dread that…looks like I have a zipper front now. No pain, so I will take it.

Until next week,

Take time to enjoy the warmer days. The sunshine finally. I hope everyone is doing OK. Get a COVID shot. Still hearing of people getting the COVID and are sick. Happy birthday to Bo Mishou!!!