Hello Waldo!

Despite the occasional cold day to remind us it is still winter, it feels like we are heading into a nice spring. I can’t quite believe it but our first daffodil bulb has popped up! It will be awhile before it is big enough to bloom, but oh how that bright green shoot lightens the heart. I hope it isn’t foolish to hope that this trend continues and we can get into the ground a little early this year.

This is the time of year when I am most eager; with winter soon in the rearview mirror, I am nothing but excited to grow things again and the growing season is still too far out to remember how much work it is! I will enjoy this blissful naiveté while I can! As I write this the artichoke, eucalyptus, and indigo seeds are just starting to germinate. Indigo is a new one for me this year; I’m looking forward to using it as a natural dye.

Nan Cobbey on West Waldo Road wrote to tell me about her flourishing anise hyssop patch in her garden and offer me some seedlings. I have grown anise hyssop (also called licorice mint) before and will again this year (I still have lots dried). The reason I grow it is not only to sell as a medicinal herb, but because I love walking by and nibbling on fresh leaves here and there throughout the day. It is great for digestion. Nan uses it in a lamb sauce she makes; maybe we can get her to share the recipe! What are you most looking forward to in your garden this year?

Speaking of gardens, I’ve been brainstorming ways we can come together more in Waldo. Of course many of my ideas won’t work until we are through these COVID times (which is hopefully soon!), like a Selectmen’s Barbecue. One idea is for those with a green thumb and extra perennials to come together to form a garden club and create some nice perennial and pollinator-friendly flower gardens at Town Hall or at some of our major intersections.

A last reminder that the town meeting is Saturday, March 27, at 9 a.m. at Town Hall. Masks required, and seating will be placed to respect social distancing. Town Reports are at Weavers and Town Hall. Thanks to Kathy for putting the report together.

We’ve seen our first robin and the brightest red male cardinal on a new bird feeder we put up. Last night I heard three geese calling as they flew overhead. Surely they can’t be wrong about spring, right?