March 29, 1838

There will be a Methodist Quarterly meeting held at the Methodist Chapel, in this place, commencing on Saturday afternoon next. A protracted meeting was commenced at the same place on Tuesday last and will continue up to the appointed time of the Quarterly Meeting. There has been quite an awakening (as the term is,) among our Methodist friends within the last two or three weeks; and a number have experienced those peculiar sensations, said to be inexpressible, and known only to those who have “experienced religion.”

March 25, 1859

The warm rain of Friday which continued into the night, operated upon the heavy body of snow to produce a severe freshet throughout the State, and consequent damage in many sections.

In this immediate vicinity probably the greatest amount of damage was sustained by Mr. Joseph H. Kaler, whose substantial stone dam on the Wescott stream was overthrown for a considerable distance. The damage at this point was occasioned not so much by the sudden rise of water, as by the heavy masses of ice, several feet in thickness, which came down with irresistible force. The bridge just above the dam, as well as one a considerable distance up the stream, were both carried away. These bridges were both destroyed in the freshet last August, and rebuilt in the fall.

March 28, 1878

In the maple sugar season, the operators adopt a new commandment—“Six days shalt thou gather sap, and sugar off on the seventh.”

March 31, 1898

Miss Vannie Dolliff recently did a very meritorious act of humanity. She saw two little girls on the street, shivering from cold, and as their feet were most in need of suitable protection she took the children into a neighboring store and bought them what they needed in that line.

March 28, 1918

The display room at the Hamilton green house contains the largest amount of Easter flowers in its history. The bulbous plants, lilies, hyacinths, tulips and jonquils have wintered well and are beautiful. Mr. Hamilton also has an unusually fine lot of roses, pinks, etc.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.