Back in the early 80's it seemed like all my girlfriends had horses. I had a black and white tobiano pinto named "Frosty." My friend Liza Cheeseman had a bay Morgan named "Snippet." Pam Reynolds had a palomino quarter horse, "Coby." The Darling girls, Crystal and Cathy, had "Robert" and "Scimi" and a dapple gray Shetland pony named "Smoky." Cheryl Zimba had a sorrel Apaloosa named "Wacky" (short for Waco's Comanche). Frosty and Wacky were the best of friends and we hauled them to a lot of shows and spent countless hours riding around town. We even gave them "middle names": Frosty John and Wacky Louise. I got a call from Bob Gray the other day; his daughter Sandy also had a horse, "Amy." Now it's been almost 40 years since those glory days and I was delighted that he not only remembered my faithful steed by his "regular" name, but also recalled his "middle" name. Heartwarming.

If you have a female cat who is pregnant or has recently had kittens, bring the mom and babies to the Humane Society Waterville Area! They will place them in foster care, spay the mom and give her back to you, free of charge. When the kittens are old enough to be spayed/neutered, they will adopt them out. Please call 873-2430 or email for more information. This program is available to residents of the communities they serve: Albion, Benton, Burnham, Canaan, Clinton, Detroit, Dixmont, Fairfield, Freedom, Hinckley, Knox, Mercer, Oakland, Palmyra, Pittsfield, Shawmut, Sidney, Solon, Thorndike, Troy, Unity, Waldo, Waterville and Winslow.

Avian Haven of Freedom was a $4,000 Community Matters More grant winner from Bangor Savings Bank Foundation. They finished 2020 with a total of 3,605 bird admissions, as compared to 2019's total of 2,807. They cared for 33 common loons and 49 bald eagles. They have a great success rate in saving and rehabilitating these birds, but unfortunately several died from lead exposure either from fishing tackle or gut piles left behind with lead pellets in them.

Reminder! Unity Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary will be hosting a bake sale on April 3 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Cone'z on Depot Street. This fundraiser will feature homemade pies, cakes, cookies, bars, breads, rolls and dog biscuits. Go pick out your Easter treats!

The Market of Unity, held at the Town Office on Saturdays, will be opening April 24. Check out their Facebook page or get in touch with Kris West (Holler Soap) or Najean Shedyak (Unity Flower Shop).

Cone'z Ice Cream shop on Depot Street is planning on opening for the season on April 2. I'm looking forward to some vanilla soft-serve!

Most of you know David and Debra Quimby's Troy cattle barn collapsed over the winter because of the heavy snow load. They lost many dairy cows as well as the barn. Troy, Maine Neighbors Facebook page sponsored a GoFundMe for the Quimbys and raised more than $21,000 for a new barn. The new barn started going up last week.

The USAG Region 6 Maine State Gymnastics Championship was held at Dudziak's Gymnastic Center in Biddeford March 20-21. Congratulations to Willow Gold who won silver medals in balance beam and uneven bars and bronze medals in vault and floor exercise. Amelia Picard won the gold medal in vault, making her the state champion for that exercise, and she also received a silver medal in floor exercise and bronze medals in uneven bars and balance beam. Certainly some talented young ladies!

My newly diagnosed diabetic cat "Mama Z" has been handling her condition wonderfully. She's like a Golden Retriever in a cat's body. She does like her new food (the other cats do as well, so I have to hide it from them). After she eats she patiently waits for her shot and purrs through the whole thing.

Happy 79th birthday on April 2 to my dad Charlie and happy 38th birthday on April 3 to my baby sister Patti Jo. Patti was born on an Easter Sunday.