Emma Fonger and her twin sister Morgan of Jackson are this year's Mount View High School class of 2021 valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. The Republican Journal met the Fonger sisters after their second day of softball practice outside the Mount View Complex on a beautiful spring day.

The soft-spoken sisters said they are competitive with each other in school and sports. Emma has a slight edge over her sister, having been born a whole four minutes before Morgan.

Emma said their secret to success is that they help each other keep organized. "Having someone I could work with and slightly compete with," Morgan said, has pushed her to where she is today. Emma added, "We hold each other to a higher standard."

They agree there is a certain amount of sibling rivalry between them, especially when it comes to grades and sports. It was not a surprise, Emma said, to find out she is valedictorian, because at the end of each year the school posts who is at the head of the class.

The sisters said they share many of the same classes with similar schedules and have gotten to know their teachers well over the years. Besides being intellectually gifted, the twins love to compete in sports, specifically wrestling and softball, as well as playing in the Mount View Concert Band.

Morgan plays clarinet and Emma plays trumpet; the sisters say they have enjoyed playing throughout middle and high school. They have also wrestled since sixth grade, and their older brother and sister also both wrestled at Mount View.

Cindy Fonger, Morgan and Emma's mom, said, "We are extremely proud — they have worked hard."

Next year will be a huge change for the family, she said, with Emma and Morgan's older siblings having left the house already. "They are the last two," Cindy said with smiling eyes.

Both sisters said they would like to have careers in health care. Morgan is not sure specifically what area to specialize in, but Emma is thinking about studying biology.

According to Mount View's Facebook page, the Fonger sisters have recently been accepted to the University of New Hampshire, University of New England, Saint Joseph's College, Husson University and the University of Maine.

Regardless of the path they choose, the sisters are aware that next fall they may go separate ways. "It will be a big change," Emma said.

As for graduation, they are not sure what form it will take, but both are planning to give a speech at the event. Emma said she is nervous about standing up in front of her class. "It's not something that I regularly do."

Mount View Principal Zackary Freeman said, "Morgan and Emma are two exceptional students; they are the epitome of the Mount View High School core values.

"These core values include … respect, kindness, perseverance and responsibility. Morgan and Emma make Mount View High School a better place."