For those who don’t yet have their copy, Town Reports are available at the Frankfort Town Office.

Next, results of the annual Frankfort town meeting will be posted in this paper in a separate space.

Sunrise service

The Frankfort Congregational Church will hold a Maundy Thursday service at the church at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 1. Also, the church will hold a sunrise service on Easter morning, April 4, at 6 a.m. at the former Freedom Motors land on Route 1A in Frankfort. Coming from the south, this is on the left, just slightly past the public boat landing on Marsh River. All are invited. A regular Easter service will be held at the church at 9 a.m.

History note

This from the Bangor Daily Commercial, June 13, 1901: “The call at present all along the eastern part of the New England coast is for granite cutters and a great number of the best schooners in the coasting trade are engaged in that work. The Hattie P. Barbour has gone to Frankfort to load cut stone for Perth Amboy, and she is the last of big fleets that has gone down there recently. The building going on in the large cities is what has caused this state of affairs.”

Under the feeder

Looking out my office window always causes some kind of amusement. Last Wednesday, I was pleased to watch a flock of robins on the field across the road. These were certainly newly arrived migrants and they reassured me that spring had finally arrived.

But then the three neighborhood crows lit down in the field and the robins all took off. The crows didn’t appear to bully the robins, but apparently their presence alone was intimidating enough to drive off the smaller birds.

These three crows always hang together and when you see one, the other two are never very far away. It’s hard to tell the relationship among them. Perhaps they are related, or maybe they are just unrelated individuals that have formed a bond. All the more power to them, though. Crows are intelligent and a pleasure to watch.

Perchin’ prediction

We welcome back the Perchin’ Prediction for the 2021 season. The season on rivers and streams under general law opens on Thursday, April 1.

I plan on hitting the water and in fact, can hardly wait. In addition to my old haunts in different parts of Midcoast Maine, Frankfort has several interesting streams to try, including the little brook that runs just behind my house. I’ll keep readers posted on my results.

Weekly quote

“Oh how this spring of love resembleth

The uncertain glory of an April day!

Which now shows all the beauty of the sun

And by and bye a cloud takes all away.” — William Shakespeare