Town of Montville is seeking bids for a three-year rotation of “Vegetation Management,” aka mowing, for 17.87 miles of state road. Email montville@fairpoint.net, or call 342-5543 for more details. Bids are due by 6 p.m. April 12.

The town is also looking to hire someone to provide cleaning services for approximately two hours a week at the Town Office and 15 to 30 minutes every other week at the Transfer Station. Email montville@fairpoint.net if you are interested in the position.

Interested in seeking out grants? The town of Montville wants to assemble an ad-hoc grant research committee to improve and support municipal systems and interests without having to increase property taxes. A lot of federal and state funds are becoming available, and it would be great if Montville could take advantage of some of these monies. Anyone with time and interest should contact the Town Office at 342-5543 or email montville@fairpoint.net.

Maine’s Makers Society is missing its sign and is wondering if anyone in the community has seen it. According to owner Kimba Cseh, last winter one of the big storms blew out the sign from the post at the former 10-4 store and it was moved to the front of the shop to rehang in spring, but now the sign is nowhere to be found.

“Perhaps someone thought we were closed up and the sign was up for grabs. (We wouldn’t blame ya — it’s a pretty cool sign.) If anyone knows of its whereabouts, Kimba would greatly appreciate having it returned. “We would love to have it rehung for our May 1st opening. I painted it myself, and it reads 'Maine Makers Society' on both sides, with our logo. Black and white,” she said.

Four Waters Farm is a small, diversified farm in Montville near Knox Ridge. They are raising vegetables, dry beans and poultry, and are looking for help in the mornings, mid-May to mid-October, 15-20 hours per week, Monday to Friday.

The majority of the work will be with the vegetables — planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and washing. You must be accustomed to and enjoy physical labor and be able to work outdoors in varied weather conditions. Previous farming experience is not required, but preferred. Pay is $13-$14 per hour, depending on experience. Send a resume and three references to fourwatersfarm@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest in our farm!

Liberty Library news

Wednesday, April 14 from 6 to 7 p.m. via Zoom

The Museum of Bad Art collects, exhibits and celebrates art that will be seen in no other venue. Since 1993, it has collected art from thrift stores, yard sales, sidewalk trash and even the artists who create it. “Dopplegangers-Intentionally or Not,” is a collection that tries to capture the likeness of favorite entertainers, politicians or historic figures. Some have accidentally ended up portraying faces we recognize. Email debra@voselibrary.org prior to 3 p.m. on the day of the event for registration information.

New broadband effort

The Maine Broadband Coalition is promoting a new effort to capture the quality, cost, and geography of current broadband service in Maine. This initiative is the crucial next step in ensuring the delivery of broadband throughout the state and will help local, regional and state leaders develop projects and steer investments to the places that need it most. Test your speed often to help collect data. For more information, contact the mainebroadbandcoalition.org/.

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