Who is ready to garden?

I am certainly excited to get some dirt on my hands again. In fact, we’ve already started seeds at my place. I know, we are a bit early. But we just could not hold out any longer.

Many people garden for one reason or another. For some, the very idea of getting their hands dirty is enough, while others enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of their labor throughout the year. There are some who simply want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine after a cold, dark winter.

I enjoy gardening for all the above reasons. Mostly, I love the knowing where my food comes from and the sense of pride that comes from providing food for my family and friends. But there are only so much squash and cucumbers you can enjoy before “gardening” loses its luster. That may be when the gardening "fun" continues with canning, dehydrating, pickling, and freezing. Of course, if canning and dehydrating aren’t your thing, sharing with neighbors is always a great way to share your bounty.

Can you tell I’m excited about gardening? I love the natural therapy that comes from working my land. The fresh air in my lungs and sunshine on my face are reason enough for me to get outside to till and plant.

No matter how you garden — be it with buckets, vertical pots, greenhouse, raised beds, or in a field — you cannot go wrong with being the master of your produce.

What are some of your favorite fruits or vegetables to grow in your garden?

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